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    The Key Date to the Series

    1911-D $2 1/2 PCGS/CAC AU58 (Strong D)


    Sharp near mint state example of this key date! Lustrous, satiny surfaces are delightfully smooth for the assigned grade. Sunny-gold coloration on the obverse while the reverse is toned red-orange along the peripheral. Wonderful eye appeal! The key to the Indian-head quarter eagle set with a tiny (relative to the rest of the series) mintage of 55,680 coins. Very, very tough with the added CAC approval for quality and eye appeal. CAC approved for quality.

    Scarce S-Mint

    1856-S $5 NGC/CAC AU55


    Choice AU example of this scarce early S-mint half eagle. Wonderful details and attractive tangerine-gold surfaces that show minimal wear. Only 105,100 coins were struck of this date. CAC approved for quality.